New Doctor for Zurich and New Pharmacy for Blyth

A new doctor has joined the Bluewater Area Family Health Team (BAFHT) in Zurich. She is Dr. Farahnaz Farzadfar who landed in Canada with her husband and two children in 2010. Fortunately, for those having difficulty in pronouncing her name, friends, patients and colleagues at BAFHT alike, simply know her as Dr. Farah.  

Armed with a degree from the Iran Medical University in Tehran, Dr. Farah applied for a position in Nova Scotia, Canada. She sailed through five exams while working under supervision – a requirement set by the Canadian Government – before establishing a practice in Chester, a largely retirement community in the province.

Ramin Ghiasi, Dr. Farah’s husband had been involved with the pharmaceutical industry in Iran for several years and was keen to start his own pharmacy in Canada. He, too, had to sit three exams to become a qualified Pharmacist.

After a couple of years practicing medicine in the Maritimes, Dr. Farah wanted to broaden her activities in the medical field. She responded to an advertisement for a doctor placed in the  Canadian Family Physician magazine by BAFHT. This is when Executive Director of BAFHT, Paula Kroll, swung into action. Paula showed Dr. Farah and her husband around the area and as Dr. Farah says, ‘She was instrumental in selling us on the idea of moving to this part of Southwestern Ontario’.

Through Paula, the family met with Rick Lobb of Royal LePage Heartland Realty who introduced them to David Sparling of the Cowbell Brewery in Blyth. This meeting resulted in Blyth now having its own pharmacy – and the proprietor is none other than Ramin Ghiasi .

Dr. Farah and her husband have two children. Romina (age 19) is in her second year at the University of Waterloo studying Science and Roham (age 17) who attends Exeter High School. Roham is a talented soccer player and has won a spot with FC London. He trains three hours a day and is determined to make his mark with the London club. Dr. Farah and her husband share driving responsibilities in taking Roham to soccer practice three or four times a week.

BAFHT recently held a private dinner to welcome Dr. Farah and her family to the community. Many BAFHT staff attended and Chairman of the Board, Dwayne LaPorte officially welcomed Dr. Farah and her husband and explained just how much a new doctor means to the Zurich clinic and this rural community. He also took the opportunity of thanking Lead Physician, Dr. Deb Josephson for her dedicated work in carrying the clinic while efforts were being made to recruit a new doctor.

Mayor, Paul Klopp echoed Dwayne LaPorte’s comments and expressed the importance of having another doctor at the clinic.

Dr. Farah has a passion for cooking, especially traditional Persian recipes from her homeland. She also enjoys swimming and living close to Lake Huron was another major attraction. She admits to being a ‘people’ person and makes friends easily. And with relatives in Toronto and a brother in Ottawa, she will surely have a busy social life.

This husband and wife team will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to health care in the region.

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