Consent for Personal Copy of Records

Change re: Request for Copies of Records

Effective January 1, 2021

Please be advised that there are other options to obtain medical records for services provided outside of BAFHT. Results of blood work done at BAFHT can be obtained directly from LifeLabs online at Imaging reports can be requested directly from the imaging facility that provided the service, and Specialist reports can be requested directly from the Specialist’s office, or the Medical Records Department at the hospital where you were seen.

If you wish to proceed with obtaining a copy of your imaging reports, Specialist reports or lab reports from BAFHT, we will be happy to comply with this request.
Please be advised that the cost for this service is not covered by OHIP. 
There will be an administrative fee of $25 associated with the review and copying
of your health record (up to 20 pages).

The “Consent for Access or Disclosure of Personal Health Information” form will need to be completed by the patient requesting the medical records. Payment must be made before receiving health records. Record requests will be acted upon within a 30-day period, then sent either electronically via secure portal communication, by mail, or you can arrange a scheduled pick-up time and date.
If you prefer records mailed to you, a charge of $20 for Xpresspost will be applied.

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